“A well-written and witty how-to, with worthwhile lessons for all entrepreneurs.  [Lusk and Harrison] …could be poster boys for the idea that it’s the journey that counts. ” 
-Business Week [Full Review]

Wonderfully engaging. [One] of the rare business books where giving away the ending would spoil the enjoyment. Who’s got the film rights to this baby?”
– USA Today [Full Review]

lively and informative narrative of product-based entrepreneurship in the virtual-product age…The authors’ story is as clean and fast as a Tiger Woods tee-shot; they share copious amounts of information with generosity, humor, and all-American spirit…[A] must-have for those in the business of business.”
– Kirkus Reviews [Full Review]

One of the best case studies on entrepreneurship you may ever read”
– Soundview Executive Book Summaries [Full Review]

“The narrative of events is quite engaging and the authors are open and analytical about their mistakes—as well as their successes. A worthwhile read for anyone considering starting a company in the era.”
-Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

“An entertaining and informative read…successfully captures the shadow that inevitably falls between business ideas–even tiny ones–and their execution.”
– The Boston Globe

“An intimate and often hilarious look into the world of entrepreneurship.  A business odyssey…every CEO who’s ever had a dream will find him or herself in this new book.”
-California CEO Magazine

“An exhilarating ride [that] reveals the thrills, fears, hard-fought experiences and hundreds of lessonsfor the first-time entrepreneur….A compelling treatise on how to break the rules and still succeed in the business world of the new millennium”
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette  [Full Review]

“The MouseDriver Chronicles is serious, but Harrison and Lusk write in a personal, engaging manner that makes this behind-the-curtain look into entrepreneurship a page-turner.””
-Across the Board Magazine

“Written with a great sense of humor, sincere openness and self-criticism…instructive and entertaining.  Atruly inspirational read.”
-Eloquent. Magazine of Maastricht University

“An absorbing, entertaining look at how two green-horns learned far more about business than they ever expected.”
– The Dallas Morning News

“Lusk and Harrison provide solid, entertaining insights into how to start a business…a refreshing alternative to the recent wave of narcissistic dot-com memoirs.”
– Publishers Weekly [Full Review]

“[A] witty and wise testament”
– Booklist [Full Review]

“[An] engaging work [that is] well-written. An interesting and insightful study”
– Library Journal

“It’s a fun and hopeful book…”
– The Los Angeles Times [Full Review]

“The MouseDriver Chronicles reads like a how-to manual of old-school entrepreneurship by two people who not only succeed, but finally have fun at what they are doing.”
-The Charlotte Observer

“One of the most entertaining, as well as knowledgeable, of all recent business books.  Amusingand thought-provoking.”

“Sometimes frustrating, sometimes hilarious, but always educational…[Their experiences],  recounted in a light-hearted manner, offer a very good guide for other bright-eyed entrepreneurs with a good idea and little financing.”   
-Strategic Finance

Good Stuff
-Vancouver Business Journal

“There are lessons in The MouseDriver Chronicles that can be applied to practically every start-up company.”
-The Kaw Valley Business Monthly

Engaging, fast-moving, and enjoyable
-Pittsburgh Business Times

Entertaining and witty…a fun read

“A perfect primer for wannabe entrepreneurs hoping to avoid learning some lessons the hard way”
– BookPage