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We have no income and no venture capital funding. Our inventory is being financed by companies with names like Chase, Citibank, First USA and Capital One. Our office consists of a refridgerator, oven, sink, two desks, a bay window and one very large Texas flag. The only thing that makes our 7 second commute to work interesting is avoiding the inventory of computer mice stacked in our living room. We’re motivated, passionate, excited, terrified and at many times, have absolutely no idea what we are doing. Every hour of the day is filled with constant mood swings and the question of “What the hell are we doing?” enters our minds on a daily basis. But……we’re having a great time and we truly believe that this is an experience of a lifetime.

Do you care to hear more?…

Since this venture began in July, we have received a number of inquiries from people asking us to keep them informed of our progress. Most of these inquiries have come from aspiring entrepreneurs currenly working in the corporate world who want to live the “entrepreneurial experience vicariously through us”. However, many of you have asked us to keep you informed simply because you’re interested in finding out how this MouseDriver story progresses and ends. After all, some of you were around when this outrageous idea was first used as a class project at Wharton.

So, we’ve got an idea…and we’re hoping that this one generates as much excitement as MouseDriver. Kyle and I would like to keep everyone informed of MouseDriver’s progress. On a periodic basic, we’d like to share our successes, our failures, our issues, our stories and our feelings towards this entrepreneurial gig. We basically want to give all of you an opportunity to accompany us on this crazy ride.

Here’s the deal: We will send out an email on a periodic basis. Depending on what we have to share, this email may go out every week, every two weeks, every month, etc…just depends on what’s been happening and how busy we are. We have no idea what the email will look like, but imagine that the format will be constantly evolving. We will make all efforts to keep the progress update brief and to one page, as we are all too familiar with the annoyances of long emails. Plus, we don’t want to create too much additional work for ourselves.

If you’re interested, just reply to this email and say “I’m in” and we’ll include you in the mailing.

Hope everyone is doing well.

John and Kyle

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