The MouseDriver Chronicles

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When John Lusk and Kyle Harrison graduated from Wharton in 1999, nearly all of their entrepreneurially minded classmates set their sights on conquering the dot-com world. To the almost universal disdain of their friends and professors, these two turned down tempting job offers, borrowed money from friends and family, and loaded up on credit card debt in order to start their own company, Platinum Concepts. Its sole mission was to manufacture and market MouseDriver, a computer mouse shaped like the head of a driver golf club.

To chart their progress and to keep themselves motivated against the odds, they let off steam and sought feedback by writing a newsletter that chronicled their journey and every hilarious misstep along the way.

Inspired by the following their newsletter gathered, they decided to tell their story in full. Intimate and insightful, this remarkable story captures the entrepreneurial spirit. A must read for anyone who wants to start a business or wonders what it is like to do so, The MouseDriver® Chronicles will inform, inspire and renew our faith in the American spirit to succeed against all odds.

“[Lusk and Harrison] could be poster boys for the idea that it’s the journey that counts.”
–Business Week

“Wonderfully engaging. Who’s got the film rights to this baby?”
–USA Today

“One of the best case studies on entrepreneurship you may ever read.”

A must-have for those in the business of business.”
–Kirkus Reviews